Friday, February 28, 2020


I am the boss,
Oh who'll fight me,
Present at the level twenty three.
Help yourself in clearing the game,
Some just ran and others just came.
Beat the Boss as this is your chance
Then go to Party :Sing and Dance.
Got special powers and some moves
This is not a game of crudes.
I could just take any form
No just rules and not any norm.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Week

The days of a week
and only these, only these, are the 7 days of a week.
Just these seven and voila you see!!
Who is humble, softer, wiser and meek. © Samhita Joshi

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Indian Education System?

A Poem that I composed about our Indian Education System in my Discrete Mathematics class.

Disclaimer : Not all teachers are like this. Some are extremely skillful and know what they going to teach and they explain quite beautifully. Remember, always have scope for exceptions.
The poem is based on my personal views and experiences. If it hurts your opinions, read the disclaimer again.

Here is how it goes :

My life is dull, it's not so cool (or is it)
Unknowing teachers at home, similar at school (even college).
(Often) Don't know the subject they are about to teach,
Have no idea of what they preach.

Can't tell a teacher that he/she is teaching wrong
You will be categorised "oversmart", all along.
Perhaps because our foundation is not too strong,
Or our education system puts an (lower)age limit, therefore it takes so long.
Or probably because of reservation (based on caste)
Undeserving people get job in Government, a few on merit or deservation.

About 50% of Government jobs are for "reserved" classes
A brain-drained country, the deserving passes (out of the country).

Can't blame the teacher, whom should I blame
Oh! Come on System, life is not an easy game.

Oh my countrymen, lets unite. Avoid this brain-drain,
Let us make our motherland India, great again.

© Samhita Joshi, 2020.
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Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Journey so FAR

Hello Everyone.
I am Samhita Joshi and this blog is going to be entirely different from my other blogs that I have written so far. Let me briefly introduce you to my other blogs before moving further on other POSTS:

  1. C++ Programs : This was the first "blog" that I created and authored with the first post being on February 12, 2017 when I was in XI standard. I used to check C++ programs for errors, correct them and upload them to the blog . This blog was created on Quora and that is how the journey started.

  2. Facts about Universe : The second blog that contained nothing but nonsense. Surprise, surprise it was also created on Quora. The only post was on February 19, 2017.

  3.  The Invisible Man : This was the third blog that I created and this was also created and hosted on Quora. However it (as well as BLOG#2) didn't contain original content by me. It was created by copying and pasting content from the novel The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells PDF and was just for my reference. The first and only (last) post on this blog was on March 12, 2017. I was just learning how to blog after class XI final exams were over.

  4. The Invisible Man : This was a re-formatted version of the above blog and was my first blog on Blogger: March 13, 2017. Still, however, it just contains 10 chapters from the novel and nothing else. But it brings back the memories of good old days.

  5. Sherlock Holmes : The description reads : " A perfect place to find all the stories of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle " however it is not. My first encounter with Sherlock Holmes was back in the year 2016 when my Class 10 Board Exams were over and I was enjoying the GREAT SUMMER BREAK OF 3 MONTHS(April + May + June)!!! I accidently discovered stories( I had heard the name SH and knew that he was a fictional detective but nothing more than that)  of Sherlock Holmes and started reading them. Believe me I could not understand the PLOT of even one story back then ( which I do, now ). But then, it was the "Great" Sherlock Holmes and I read around  11-15 stories. So in the vacations (or you should call them breaks), which occur after you complete one academic session, of 2017 I searched possible resources that I could, and summarised the stories into one blog. Again, it was supposed to a place from where I could easily find and read Stories of SH and not a blog in the real sense(because the content is not my own) but anyways.

  6. Class 12 and IIT.... : This doesn't deserve an introduction. It wasn't supposed to be a blog.

  7. Perfect Engineers : This is the blog on which I am most active and contains resources related to ENGINEERING. Well, back then, it was not supposed to be the blog that it now is. Guess what ?? It has an About Page of its own that describes it. Things could have been different :)

  8. The Imaginations : This won't be visible now as it is no more PUBLIC. Think of this as a TIME CAPSULE of my drawings.

  9. TechMags : I have given link to the post that you will find most useful on this blog. Except that post everything else is crap. Or is it? Well I am no one to decide. It was created just to get familiar to Wordpress and CMS.

Rest to be discussed on upcoming posts. Or will it be ??
Stay Tuned to find out. 

P.S. I have worked on some other blogs as well but they haven't been discussed here as they were quite similar … I mean CRAP.

Blog#10 : Viewers this is Mr.Streamer a.k.a the Firehead. We share the same DNA (and Parents).