Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Indian Education System?

A Poem that I composed about our Indian Education System in my Discrete Mathematics class.

Disclaimer : Not all teachers are like this. Some are extremely skillful and know what they going to teach and they explain quite beautifully. Remember, always have scope for exceptions.
The poem is based on my personal views and experiences. If it hurts your opinions, read the disclaimer again.

Here is how it goes :

My life is dull, it's not so cool (or is it)
Unknowing teachers at home, similar at school (even college).
(Often) Don't know the subject they are about to teach,
Have no idea of what they preach.

Can't tell a teacher that he/she is teaching wrong
You will be categorised "oversmart", all along.
Perhaps because our foundation is not too strong,
Or our education system puts an (lower)age limit, therefore it takes so long.
Or probably because of reservation (based on caste)
Undeserving people get job in Government, a few on merit or deservation.

About 50% of Government jobs are for "reserved" classes
A brain-drained country, the deserving passes (out of the country).

Can't blame the teacher, whom should I blame
Oh! Come on System, life is not an easy game.

Oh my countrymen, lets unite. Avoid this brain-drain,
Let us make our motherland India, great again.

© Samhita Joshi, 2020.
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