Wednesday, March 4, 2020

It's a Rainy day

It's a rainy day in the place
Where I go to study and tie my shoe lace.

Rain is so beautiful when it comes in form of drops,
It makes people happy and so do crops.

The process is complicated, yet can be simplified
Evaporation and Condensation when together tied,
Give us our eternal rain,
Which resurrects the plants that had dried.

But the rain is dangerous when it comes as a STORM
The thunder comes later, lightning in the first form
The dark clouds in the sky do make a loud roar.
"WAIT THE RAIN ISN'T OVER YET!" there is still downpour.

Sometimes there are also chances of flood
More casualties here than in case of blood
The planes have to fly, 'cuz the motors cannot
If no rain happens anywhere, then there is a drought.

No mistake of nature, it is because of human greed
We have exploited nature more than what we need.
People regularly commit, what is called as treason
With nature, but there is no what-so-ever reason.

...To be Continued

© Samhita Joshi

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