Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sherlock Holmes: The Pirate

Consultant detective and high functioning sociopath
Who, do you think is that?
“Yeah I don’t have any friends, just got one”
John Watson; I didn’t intend a pun.

Have the mind palace that no one got
I never give things, a second thought.
I take the precaution of a good coat and a short friend
Even “The Reichenbach Fall” couldn’t give my career, an end.
No surprise, my brother Mycroft is the British government!

One friend and family; a big brain and no heart
Decorate walls with bullets, instead of dart.
Graham, Geoff, Giles or Gavin;
Don’t remember his name; he’s DI Lestrade.

I am a superhero; I have a superpower too
I can make words float in thin air. Can you?
Once proved that Richard Brook is Jim Moriarty
Didn’t had time to celebrate or throw a party.

John has got no brain, he’s all heart
I am superior because I am “more smart”!
Outsmarted even Mrs. Adler in BBC’s show
In annoying Molly Hooper, I am a pro.

“Don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street, Anderson.”
Watson’s blog counter was once stuck at reading 4+1891(1895).

John H Watson married Mary, his fiancée
after I faked my death, what else should I say?
In “The Six Thatchers”, Mary Watson took her last breath
John angrily assumed me responsible for her death.

“His Last Vow”: Killed Magnussen to protect Mary Watson
“The Lying Detective”: deduced the serial killer was Culverton.
My sister, Eurus, once made me a lab-rat
It seemed to be a game of mouse and cat.
Not a psychopath; I am a high functioning sociopath.

BBC Sherlock: 4 seasons have, till now, been made.
I think season 5, to make, would almost take a decade.

“I am Sherlock Holmes- the detective” or "the pirate".

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