Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Salesman

A salesman once, came to my door
That instance, the clock read four.
He showed me a book
and by hook or by crook,
He asked me to buy it
I said "It wasn't the perfect fit".

 I never liked salesman,
They waste your precious time.
They, too, ask for water.
The world's worst crime.

I know that it's good
to quench the thirst.
And we all must
Do it, at first.

Many hours passed,
He hadn't yet gone.
Wasting moments of my life
It was the time for dawn.

Winters have shorter days
But a longer night
and internally, I was
Preparing for a fight.

At the end of 11th hour
He made me buy the book
He won the fight, this time
Ran away with the money, he took.