Thursday, October 22, 2020

12 months of 2020 (Song)

 I wrote a song. Yay!

Here are the lyrics, if you want to song along:

The first month of 2020

January gave to me

Some protests in my country

The second month of 2020

February gave the world

Things better than January

And a few COVID cases

The third month of 2020

March gave to my country

21 days of lockdown

(Nearly) 500 COVID cases

And some college holidays

The fourth month of 2020

April gave to my country

19 days of lockdown

Some conditional relaxations

Few Chemfinity videos

And our first game using Unity

The fifth month of 2020

Month of May gave to me

Heaps of college assignments --

Restrictions on ZOOM Cloud

Web Development bootcamps

First set of Mid Terms (or Pre-finals)

And many more cases of COVID

The sixth month of 2020

June gave to world and me

Black Lives Matter protests

International Yoga Day --

Ban on 59 Chinese apps

Anti-China protests

Loads of College assignments

Nearly 3 months of “holidays” till June 30

The 7th month of 2020

July gave to my country

COVID updates 1

COVID updates 2

Kargil Vijay Diwas --

COVID updates 3

47 more Chinese apps banned

BINOD about to go viral

My WRC project on Chemfinity

The 8th month of 2020

August gave to the world

Fall Guys trending

Some COVID cases

People inside their houses

People wearing masks --

Something must have happened

Some more trash probably

Some good must have happened

Semester final exams for me.

The 9th month of 2020

September gave to everybody (somebody??)

A ban on P-U-B-G

FreeFire Money Heist update

Addiction to Among Us

All my exams had commenced

Birthday of a LEGEND --

WhiteHat JR. Advertisements

PayTM takedown

People watching trash on YouTube

More Chinese apps banned by IT ministry.

The 10th month of 2020

October has given till now


Start of College’s new semester

Me addicting to Among Us

I am just filling up the words

I wrote a book called EPFEK

What else should I say? --

Enough I say. Enough.

A rat died yesterday.

I am going to skip to first verse:

And may it give us joy and happiness.

Just saying whatever comes to my mind

Birds are flying

Babies are crying

Atoms are forming bonds

AI models are being trained

Oh. I am from the future.

Trees produce oxygen.

Humans have trust issues. --

Here comes the moral

Hope is never lost

I have no idea what to say else

Therefore, I am going to finish my trash song right here.


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