Thursday, November 26, 2020



Fazbear Fright Stories

Explanation/Analysis by Dawko. The following stories are a part of FNAF Universe, if you know what I am saying. If you don't know what a FNAF means and you just want to read some creepy, horrible (Yes, I deliberately wrote horrible.) these are some of the best stories that you are ever going to read. 🤣

  • Into the Pit

  • To be Beautiful

  • Count the Ways

  • Fetch

  • Lonely Freddy

  • Out of Stock

  • 1:35AM

  • Room for One More

  • The New Kid

  • Step Closer

  • Dance With Me

  • Coming Home

  • In the Flesh

  • The Man in Room 1280 

  • Bunny Call

Have Fun with Nightmares. 🤣

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Felt Like Writing This

My brain needs a constant supply of content to keep itself engaged otherwise it feels like there is no happiness, no joy, no love and no anything. It just wants to keep itself engaged. That is why most of the times, I happen to be lost in my own thoughts because if I won’t, the world feels like an empty place to me. The world (excluding special people) around me is quite dull and full of trash things. This also explains my constant need of keeping my brain engaged. The easiest way, I have found, is to take a simple idea, think about it and repeatedly analyse it. After all these steps are done, I reach at a stage where that simple idea has become complex which gives my brain an opportunity to dig deeper at why such a thing should exist in the first place.

If any of the things stated at the paragraph above, seem odd to you, ask your brain why does it feel odd. What bit makes it odd? Gradually, you will realise that you have started thinking my way. And that would be AF (Absolutely Fantastic). When at this stage, you will understand why the world is a difficult place to exist in. The reason: we, humans, have made it that way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Mystery Titles

 If you love to read a specific genre of books known as "Mystery", here is a list of titles/series that you might be interested in. I am saying so because I enjoyed reading/listening to these, so you might too (though this is not a legal advice):

  1. The Boxcar Children (Series) (G. C. Warner)
  2. Sherlock Holmes (The Adventures) (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  3. Murder Most Unladylike (Series) (Robin Stevens)
  4. Campbell and Carter (Series) (Ann Granger)
  5. And Then There Were None (and other books by Agatha Christie)
Have Fun.

Image Source: Authors' Websites and the WWW

Saturday, November 7, 2020

For Science's Sake

 When I was a little kid, I don’t remember my exact age or the grade I was in, I think it was probably grade 3 or 4, I suddenly grew this fascination with snails. Now, nobody does this kind of weird thing, but neither I am nobody, nor have I ever been. At that time, a Green Gold Production named Mighty Raju used to air on Cable Television. Since the show mixed parts of science with technology, the things that used to amaze me at that time and still do and forever will, I found that show particularly interesting. Every other show on one side and Mighty Raju alone on one side. There was a particular event on the show that described how Raju got his superpowers: his mother had accidentally drunk Neutrino considering it to be a valid beverage, because it was lying there in their refrigerator, when Raju was yet to be born. That neutrino, immature at that time, bonded with her placenta and thereby with Raju. Five years later, when Neutrino matured, Raju got his superpowers and he did some awesome inventions like making an animal-voice translator, impact repulsor glove and here comes the most interesting part: he turned his regular classical wrist watch to a fully functioning IoT remote controller. His watch had some amazing features like VoIP calling (which was a big thing during 2009 or somewhere near that year, I don’t remember my age and therefore I can’t exactly define the year), activating his skateboard, controlling electronic devices. That was amazing. He also added an additional functionality to his skateboard (named skatie): to be able to turn into a car (named wheelie) or an airplane (named wingzy or jingsy, I don’t know the name) just using voice commands. How did he do that? Just by connecting his wrist watch to his father’s computer and with some programming, that little watch turned into an amazing thing, which every child of my age would aspire for (we love living in fantasies, I realised later).

Me being me, I did the same thing, but with snails. I thought that if that little 4-year old is able to do that stuff, then I, much older than him, must be able to do discoveries. I connected one end of what-I-now-know-is-an-RCA-cable to the computer and to the other end, I found a snail and I painfully tortured him/her by touching the other end of the cable (the other end cut-off, only the bare wire was remaining) to his/her slimy skin. Nothing happened. I was unable to upload and read snail’s mind on my PC.

Looking back, I think I have come far away from what I used to be: sacrificing animals for the sake of my experiments. I have become kinder now. However, the essence has remained the same: Curiosity still kills the cat. But, I am proud of the way I turned out to be.

I am the one who just collected the thoughts, wrote this draft and am about to publish it.

Among Us: Rendering Video is a Lengthy Process


The rendered video:

The Incident Described Here NEVER Happened

I made up this incident just to complete an assignment. Though the date is very much real. Something did happen that day.

Back when I look at this date, 21 November 2017, I am amused. I don’t exactly know whether to laugh, cry or still be angry at the incident that took place that day. I am still confused. That was the day when I was at my school’s playground, breathing. Playing happily. Now I think that I never cared about those things but I don’t know what happened to that day. That day holds a lot of contribution in making me how I am today. That was the day, I realised what an idiot on Earth I am.  A volleyball hit me and I fainted. And everyone laughed. And laughed too. That volleyball changed the course of my life.


Back in 12th grade, one day at my school, I was with my friends at the school playground. Things happened so quickly that no one could make sense of what really happened. Some kids were playing volleyball nearby which accidently, assuming that those kids weren't trying to take revenge on me because I hadn't done anything of that sort... to them, hit me. And I fell to the ground and broke my tooth. That was painful. I still cry at the memory of that day and how much I miss my school, which I don't, at all.


21 November 2017. Dark clouds appeared in the sky. Kids playing in the playground were supposed to go to their classes, which they didn't. We, the 12th graders were supposed to stay inside our classes, which we didn't. So, there were a lot of DIDN'Ts. And the moment came. A volleyball hit my face. I lost a tooth and blood came out of my mouth. And I fainted and never woke up. Except never, never comes. So, I woke up as soon as the bell rang to signify that the school was over. And we all packed our bags and came back to our homes. Except the sky was still dark.


The ball hit me in the face. "Idiot kids". I wanted to shout that out loud but I couldn't because:

  1. I was fainted.

  2. Everyone is an idiot. I can't blame just the kids.

I am an idiot too, a lot of times. But I hate those kids because I don't just pick up a volleyball and start smashing people's faces. There are specific moments for that, if you want to do something of that sort. You don't just do it everyday. But those kids, those silly fools, they do. They do it EVERY DAY. Everyday, there is someone who is a prey to their volleyball, whose face gets smashed by those silly fools. I hate them so much that I don't even prefer to bring up this topic, which I unfortunately had to do, because of this assignment.


Tunda Kabootar

I came back one day from school to find out that a pigeon had gotten handicapped from the ceiling fan. I only got to know about this from my father because this incident happened during my school hours. So, I was at my school, attending my classes when this happened. The pigeon’s hand had been separated from its body because of the impact delivered by the fan to its wing. The result of this, his hand ceased to be a part of his body and he had begun bleeding.

Initially(by the time I got back home), he lived in fear because:

  1. Probably, he had no experience of being in proximity to humans. And
  2. He knew that humans, in numerous ways, harm the birds.

I was no expert in bird psychology back then but you don’t have to be one to tell when a bird or any animal for that matter is feeling pain, disgust, anger or happiness, at any given moment in time. Months went by and he turned out to be a good company for us but not vice-versa, we were a horrible company for him. He, probably, was always scared of us but somehow found out a way to live with us humans. I was in 10th grade at the time of this incident. I don’t exactly remember the time span but I think that he did live one year (more or less) from the day being handicapped. From his behaviour, when in company of other pigeons, it was easy for me to conclude that he was always surrounded by a feeling of inferiority complex: the other birds could fly; he couldn’t. When we were to go for Diwali or Holi vacations, we used to stock food (grains) and water for him. He had learnt to live life in seclusion. Gradually, I observed a change in his nature: initially, he used to go as far away as possible from us; but as time went by, he began loving our company. When we were in the bedroom, he would come over there. At dinner, he would make sure, with his ultimate power of hearing, that he would be around us. He hated being lonely. 

No one loves being lonely.

Then one day, he was gone. Gone from our lives. We didn’t see the last of him. He, surely, had met a painful death. We have still no idea how exactly he died but I did see an eagle eating a dead pigeon, the evening of the day our pigeon went missing.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Hello World

Here is a poem that I wrote months ago. It's about Programming. Here it is:

When I first came to Earth

using a UFO

Got warmth from a hearth

and then went to and fro.

No, I am not a pendulum

that oscillates about an axis

Neither did I fire a gun

nor I am from Texas.

You, now, might be thinking

Who I am?

I have eyes that are ever blinking

and I never spam.

I am, wait for it!

“Not a bird”

I have a special outfit

and my name is not Edward.

I am a newbie,

(One who is new to something)

To a language known as “C”-

a language for Programming.

Yes I am a programmer

and an expert too

in writing programs in R,

but this “C” is something new.

Now I will have to write

a “Hello World!” program in “C”

My device’s screen is bright

Just let it be.

The “Hello World!” program

does not teach anything new.

That is what I feel

and this is my personal view.