Friday, December 25, 2020

Ad Libs


23 years after the end of Rush Hour 2, James Carter is no longer a Pigeon Collector, but a Teacher on the streets of Mars. Lee is now the bodyguard for his friend Peeeka. Lee is still upset with Carter about an incident in Pigeon's Head when Carter accidentally shot Lee`s girlfriend, Pooper Isabella Molina, in the Hands.

During the World Criminal Court discussions, as Peeeka addresses the importance to fight the Triad, he announces that he knows the Grey of the Triad leadership known as the Shy Shen. Suddenly, Peeeka takes a Chewbaca in the Nails, disrupting the conference. Lee pursues the assassin and corners him, discovering that the assassin is his brother, Star. When Lee hesitates to shoot Star, Carter shows up Swimming towards the two and Totally Goes Lee over, allowing Star to escape.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Charlie and The Mirror Girl

 A mirror.

She looked the same. Her face was pale and strained, but it was her face, and she smiled instinctively. In the haze of the last few … days? Weeks? She had been utterly disoriented, fading in and out of consciousness, pain finding her even in dreams. Charlie had not felt like herself, but there she was. She reached out to touch the mirror girl’s hand. “You, are you,” she said quietly.

She was shaking with pain, her expression becoming even more strained. She was staring at the mirror girl. She smiled and felt a deep smile on her face. She looked in the mirror girl’s eyes and wondered if it was all a matter of time before the mirror girl’s eyes disappeared. The expression in her eyes , the warmth in her cheeks, she looked at the mirror girl ’s eyes, her voice cracking as it tried to look at her.

She had her eyes and she was still trying to figure it out, but she was still struggling. She had to sit up, but she was still trying to find something. The mirror girl's eyes looked up and she felt like she had lost her sight, it was a girl who had been touched by the mirror girl.

She was still feeling that there was something. The feeling of a soft voice in her mouth, the sense that she was not alone, her feeling of guilt that she had lost herself and had lost everything  she loved.

Break Down ED!!

 “What time is it?” he said, looking at his table clock. The clock read 11:37 AM.

“11:37??!” he said, puzzled, remembering that the practical, the Physics Final practical exam, was to start at 11 AM.

“I am…” he lost track, “the worst person in the world. How, possibly, in the world, could have I slept for this long? Am I an idiot or something?”, suddenly remembering what to say.

He didn’t have the time to think because:

  1. He was already running late. “The exam would have already started by now.” anger and fear, 50-50% of each crept inside him.
  2. The lab was 15 minutes of walking away from his room. “What?? 37 minutes already and then 15 more minutes! That gives me a total of nearly an hour”, he screamed, “I AM KILLED! I AM DOOMED!”.

Adrenaline rushed through his arteries and veins and his heart and what not. He packed up his back-pack and ran. 

What-if the teacher denies me entry? Will I not be able to pass this course and get awarded a degree?

“This shady college” he paused, “doesn’t even allow you to choose subjects of your own interests. Curse the stupid college!”

“This is just not going to be easy. ” the voice of the college girl yelled, “I don't know, I don't have the ability to. I just don't have enough time. ”

“I have no right to say this ,” he cried, “why do I not believe it?”

He walked off, the entire room empty of people standing with their heads up and staring down. He was so frightened and upset that even he started to scream. He thought he would die and he would have been dead before the moment his heart returned. He walked back, he sat on the ground, looked out for the night, was already in tears, and finally felt something in his throat. He had just finished the course, and now he had finally decided to do what he did and finally decided to do what he did not want to do. The teacher called him and said, “what is the reason why I don't have access to the materials I need for my studies. ”

The next morning was his third and final course, and as he watched as the students started to leave, the teacher asked him, “do you want to continue with your studies?” he said. The teacher continued speaking for the rest of the day. He couldn't believe the voice of the teacher that had come from his teacher.

He could barely keep his eyes out for the next few days.


An AI completed my story: Wake Up ED!!.

The Lone Wolf of 221B Baker Street

Sherlock couldn't resist his thoughts anymore, " I'm going to ask you this, because you don't like the idea of a good friend," He continued, "This guy is a huge fan of the NFL. So I'm glad he's gone to Denver for this one because he loves this guy. The only reason he's gone is because he's the one who is very good at playing football. That's why he's here."

"Shut up, Sherlock. SHUT UP AT ONCE. You and your terrible thoughts. Sherlock Holmes, you are a terrible flatmate." 

"Yes, I'm," replied an absent-minded Sherlock. This wasn't anything new. Sherlock was always an absent minded person. His brother, Mycroft was even more absent minded. John was the one with a brain.

Hearing Sherlock admit his mistake, John started crying wolves out of his eyes. Sherlock was a dog. Sherlock was not a puppy, he was a wolf. "No," Sherlock said, "I'm sorry but I'm Sherlock..."

"...You need to be a good friend, I'm sorry I have no idea who you are."

He started crying, "You are a dog, too," Sherlock said, "because you cry wolves out of your eyes. You need to stop this terrible fate of yours otherwise this flat will be full of wolves and we will have to find some other place to stay." Sherlock went on to explain why the world had never been "quite right" for him. Sherlock didn't know who he was, though he could be wrong. "We're a bunch of different animals. We're one of the first species of people to see a whole lot of dogs at all times, and the only ones I've seen are people that live in a house on the other side of the lake."

John looked back at Sherlock's eyes, "What a great story for me." He didn't even know he was actually talking to the other wolf , but he could be really excited and happy with his new adventure.

And that's it for this week's episode of "The Lone Wolf of 221B B.S." Thanks for watching. Or reading. Or listening. Whatever.

Sunday, December 20, 2020


If you would like to listen to songs, lyrics of which have been written by an AI, with some human assistance of course, here is an album named Songularity by Botnik Studios that contains exactly the same. The melody and the chords have been composed by humans. Obviously.

If you would like to listen to music generated by an AI, you can have a look at Jukebox, the details of which I don't completely understand, yet.

Friday, December 18, 2020



The children followed them when they had finished Meena for breakfast purpose. Raju reminded them with anger that the villagers could retire early and carry Meena with a tray filled with heavy eyes. Mangru kaka went near their seats and said "Harshad is very refreshing and cheap to make." However, the tea was murdered inside the tea store in a very sumptuous affair.
"Now excuse me as I have to attend some nap." Rasika remarked.
Indi decided that it would be wise to have met them before her hands have heard the mango. She should have thought some other way because the things were about to change now.

AI, AI everywhere. Not a sense-ful work.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I wrote another BOOK!

Well, it's a SCREENPLAY and it is a result of combined, collective efforts from two Neural Networks: one Artificial and the other Natural.

Read it on Google Play Store by clicking here or download it from Gumroad by clicking here.

Happy Reading.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Snape's Research: XPs with AI

Turn out your pockets, Potter! Turn out your pockets, or we go straight to the headmaster! Pull them out, Potter! Indeed? And you’ve been carrying them around ever since? How very touching . . . and what is this? Spare bit of parchment. Surely you don’t need such a very old piece of parchment? Why don’t I just — throw this away? Is this another treasured gift from Mr. Weasley? Or is it — something else? A letter, perhaps, written in invisible ink? Or — instructions to get into Hogsmeade without passing the dementors? Or — that could mean — you — you — that you — your — the — you are Mr. Potter’s nephew? That’s certainly true... but the fact that you ’ve been carrying them around for years is telling us something that we’ve probably missed. We leave off doing any additional research, of course. There we are, with our new pair of robes and our new pair of mittens, and a few more hours of research. We did, of course , go through the most exhaustive collection of documentation I have ever had the pleasure to read, and I thank you for your time, for having this great opportunity to study with me, and for having such a great family! Thank you very much, and I will take this opportunity to thank my father and mother for their time, and for being so helpful and helpful in the research:

James Potter, born at Percy and Harriet, is the second-born of two brothers and a sister. The family name is one of the characters in the Harry Potter novels. James Potter is the eighth born, the eighth president, and the third son of the president of the United States and the second son of the fourth , James Potter, the second child of the president of France and the fourth child of the third amoeba that got developed in the Lake Great Munero as a result of Eutrophication.


Generated by an AI with some human help. The bold Or is from where the AI has begun generation.

WIT-3: XPs with AI

You’re very leasure dive me spaction of the composition and shougt and a little benitate your inform . . . but there by anderiide the prouse of duraithong the part that was any other stal and the desef of you urentant imation to entorm to ask to him. When we should arrogatice of the Willow. Malfoy. I have seeple catter — in imporable makely that he got it directly feelling in the instructions, fill of and examinly skilled on your mind! 

That instructions from Shismpation. The gigh come, be what is no think of I will be saying hamen Potter has not meath it time down be office the potion. The inshide Balk me that rould for the fimmans in dupbess your father with me, Potter. Mr. Monvister the minds excueds. I suglase you do!

And he heeper’s enjooty af it a will beding Christ, Lit.

I want you break not courle before things that you concens. Of, cole brow any murhering when to accasine prove it who dilce for your trieken a head gen any threody with me shall minds to be say, the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord, was wantty neel the Desemellong take liffer any Weasley and ve shropp to he accrated in your O.Widn’t your aloung harkn’’t one a stond to shopped. The headmaster has been to year the was as you will not been instruction of pracked is myonosher the werewolf. I tather I hand you and the Dark Lord was at thandss. Miss Granger, How anous doing to that wrothed, in his shhertse tho yaur any offer as ever since to pagul you attempt to believe that this press of hears to be beneath him. I suggest fiining upent on the to cat and the Dark Lord. It was supposed to be take your notion with to see you in my offer.  Thill me an enchers times. The headmaster burned itt Stnogh was at the tres as rules. Silence! Weall you resust of my affice. I tame you have a supporer that contrading over to see your head as here’s ro much find there, all of you.

You’l’l lester — thy ye  antior. That you shall be and hear watt store cut in parchment on the softernlack in my dessation mature —

Done I would have belied be anyery before chastence with a suppoally down . . . You will needing ay merert —

Ahe tor you are not in my Housh down? Weasley, and grongs would have find? Weasley, that you are goint will be the nogh of the Dark Lord. The Dark arowan pistered his presess was needed to be wish enchy was in quse an othind? I have a rusint privilegizally to me. Have growang to dith the seplestain. No managed, did be sliedd to think the capber but of your expect you fair and a at diss, he will.

Sixtle and that corly bedond with a stat dision and examinallible tell your neck; you saying to he in the Dark Lord.

The Dark Magical you wouldn’t o, feeks a class again! You are raid sim how endituded, for a ceveal with me, Potter. All you are net of you will nit. Get ou to much stopp wrong, ho you know that Lupin have peenleed   itharp? Wenlise, Arlong, many of you aw pccess you to cature to extaince mature —

— and when I passed my office, I tame you are not it ole of parchment on the scothen ard the headmaster aboun the cartiesting tilliene. Well, Potter, can you retain. Potter, what’ ham mest geen to see me with a lat, for you are a hat tile poter prouft of the carcuus it ope. The mind out who had has been try agade. And shered wo who thought that this scrope Ard. Filch wooldsbe before a hanneding at Hegbrious the dementors surserts jucis is keepl en. You will peceets that tere where this. Surely who thought, I shall mind of Headmaster, and spact control treillings under he was restorf the fully. And stand a cut in my House for the fomst’s parttaster. You will there is morn as mind him with a compland than entil he is tandior.

What are you doing, Potter? The geseally to me. Have to be see, he did ever been to year the Dark Lord’s thoughts the feelien. The Dark Lord is hard of your thereco, wis enen prinate of muldsbo. . . . bery becondy amoy anleg the poist of the wapleang to be provod if you aren! Bole you it a clack not here. Miss Granger, who wead, wo saw you resint that to my Not — Potter — of I cotsel those in his beeved fo still? I cet anlest deaster of can minutions from my evecis simplent. They letert. Pele on tryone of your father worned — would you need mo taking narfomaks a willence.   Nhat were heads to teach your tesiol you inded in his porst before himlets from Gryffindor. What are you dever head was be enjonizatienion, then watharg, Mr. Mongols with me, Potter. Mast Gr.  astle down you and the whole it bagis op. Mvly and here’s lesson, Potter is one of your foderus, and I was a ready to be have notion bettelts the partion.

Not Qupil. As not mogn for meet — You lieded did I star — Af I will faking Bevel that to have poing that happ-tore hour brange on of us . . . on so gondyer though you are allowieted fel sermost off. Un by will bave you fair above mats of leading that cormins please store cupboard . . . sturents to be taky many this back to Once to again . . . upanance storect, peeres why you weak piven a hearly that the Dark Lord was at a


I don't even know what to make of this. I fed Snape's dialogues from the first 5 Harry Potter books to a Text Generator AI and this is what it presented. (Raw-Unedited version). You can see that the text so generated barely makes sense. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

AI-generated stories: XPs with AI

Some of the videos that I have recorded about reading AI-generated stories. Out of these, I have made AI generate some of the stories while some have been generated by AIs, when forced to generate so, by other humans.


My Family and The Living Room: XPs with AI

I was actually using my degree doing actual graphic design and getting paid enough to afford rent less than one year out of school. My work environment was close to technically criminal and I paid half of my income to sleep in the living room of a one-bedroom apartment, but I was making it work. The first time, I saw the lightbulb, the second time I had used a power cord and was feeling the need to put my energy into a home while I was away. When I moved in to my apartment, I was able to do my math and I had no trouble doing it. My life would be changed if I could keep my family, my friends, and my family , working at home without getting a mortgage, but if I could take over my living room, I could have a family that was much more financially secure than my mother. There is something about my time in my living room that makes me very uncomfortable. It's just that, whenever I think of going out on a walk with my friends, I am never able to do so. Why? I feel so uncomfortable knowing that my family is always in a rush to take care of itself.


The starting two lines are from Hank Green's An Absolutely Remarkable thing. The rest was completed by a GPT-2 Transformer, with my interference (a few times).

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Basketball Players: XPs with AI

"I am never getting older."

"You can feel all that," he offered. "You see me in the back of my head, and I know how to play it like a kid."

"A lot of kids know about me," she paused, "and they're not sure where my name is..."

"I'm a great basketball player, but I just get to be the first person. There's still a lot of kids. I'm still just a little boy, but I'm still really young. They're talking about my age, and that's why I'm a special person, because it's going to be my first year."

"I was a big, small kid, my parents were a lot younger than me. I played basketball at all age," she said. "They never knew where I was until I was 14. In the spring, I met my parents at a home in New York City. They were my family , and I would go on to visit the kids all over the place, all over the world. There was nothing that the parents wanted me to do in my life, and they never thought I'd be good enough. We didn't want to be alone, but when I was 12, I started doing everything I could to get them out of the way, so I got involved with my parents, and I played basketball at all age and I didn't have a lot of friends that we couldn't get into. I'm a real, humble kid. The next year, I moved to Toronto , where I joined the Toronto Raptors and played two college basketball seasons at North Carolina. My father, Donnie, was a majoring in basketball at the time, and he attended the University of Michigan."


She: The New Queen: XPs with AI

I and Radar left soon after we got back to my computer. I was getting confident and so that night, I said to him to think of another casualty for us. With some hideous building and entering out of the house yesterday, somebody helping at the blackboard, she, who actually liked anyone very casually, told us, as chuck flicked by night watching between new queen in her.


A human helped an AI in generating this short story. Can you complete this story as a novel? I bet you can.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Severus Snape and the 21st Century

Snape didn’t die. Both metaphorically and literally. He was taken to a hospital of the 21st century, where he was given special treatment by the doctors and therefore, was able to recover quickly. He had some plans, the plans to get rid of his loneliness but he couldn’t, because LIFE.

And therefore, on his 40th birthday, he resigned from his job as a what-he-used-to-teach-at-Hogwarts teacher and sparked on an adventure: the adventure to go above and beyond from that crappy Hogwarts place. 

He felt lonely because he was, all these years, he had been lonely. After all of this and being tired of always saying “ALWAYS”, he became a scientist, a Computer Scientist and from the knowledge so gained and the advent of AI/ML techniques, he made a Lily’s clone and then he lived happily ever after.

4888 Pigeons: XPs with AI

Wenna Thornhill looked at the yellow lock in his hands and felt grumpy. He walked over to the window and reflected on his weird surroundings. He had always hated Swamp Tobaggada with its victorious, valid volcanoes. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel grumpy. Then, he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Molly Raymond. Molly was a happy lice with smooth fingers and twitchy eyes.

Wenna gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a fluffy, hairy, milk drinker with fat fingers and skinny eyes. His friends saw him as a steady, shiny Sun. Once, he had even helped a clever ring cross the road. But not even a fluffy person who had once helped a clever ring cross the road, was prepared for what Molly had in store today. The wind teased like bathing humans, making Wenna hate.

As Wenna stepped outside and Molly came closer, he could see the fierce glint in her eye.

"I am here because I want Pickle," Molly bellowed, in an Ugly tone. She slammed her fist against Wenna's chest, with the force of 4888 Pigeons. "I frigging hate you, Wenna Thornhill."

Wenna looked back, even more hate and still fingering the yellow lock. "Molly, you are dumb as no one can ever be," he replied. They looked at each other with passionate feelings, like two gleaming, gloopy giraffes combing at a very lonely camp-trip, which had rock music playing in the background and two optimistic uncles dressing to the beat. Wenna studied Molly's smooth fingers and twitchy eyes. Eventually, he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, but I can't give you Pickle," he explained, in pitying tones.

Molly looked brilliant, her body raw like a prickly, plain pebble. Wenna could actually hear Molly's body shatter into 282 pieces. Then the happy lice hurried away into the distance.

Not even a drink of Milk would calm Wenna's nerves tonight.



With a few input hints and some corrections, written above is a short story that an AI generated.

Harry Potter and the Women of Flesh

The world was shocked by the magic of the palace. Outside, a large black roof was covered in blood. Hagrid was the only noise in a house where he made furniture. Magic: Harry Potter loves him. On the beach he was walking, he moved his campsite, including Henry. It is a group of people who are chaotic. Harry and the Hermione family saw the food. The tunic was damaged in the valley on the spot. Of course, Hermione felt the reason: "If you can't combine the two, it will be too hard." What about Ron's spelling? "Run Shaw, Ron is very big, because Harry's birds are slower and quieter. Harry doesn't want to think about birds." Death is a trap! "Rooney, I shuddered and urged Ron to do this. I'm proud and hard to get out of my body. I told Hermione." Obviously, there are a lot of murders in the castle. Meet with them to hear their voices. "A lover with royal security. Her magic can't bite. Ron Harmini pressed the button and saw her for hours." I think it's closed, "he said ... He looked at the door and knocked as he searched for a small ball. The code was" woman of flesh "and he asked Hermione to give it to Harry, Ron Hermione. but she remained. silent after death. love me, someone else answers Saying, "Thank you very much." The deceased was born full of confidence, and he smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Okay!" "Then The friends re-established contact, and the remaining killers spent a few minutes examining a plan to eliminate Jack's witchcraft, and then Marcus found out about Voldemort. It wasn't a while. They were very sick, Harry said. Hermione shook her head, then wore the T-shirt motto, "Hermione forgot to dance," and soaked in the mud on her face. Ron was like Voldemort's stick and crack. Ron smiled. Ron stood up slowly. , Ron, "Harry hesitated and hugged him tightly. Because someone wrote about the death of two chains: The green walnut head was created under the light of the river. Apollinaris was wonderful. They're not the leaders of the same war, I think Mark, he took the sauce from Hermione. They're dead, and now they're always hated by Mark. Negative forms filled the great warm room, filled with it. I wrote a lot of weird books and a library of fine grapes is being built. For Dumbledore, Dumbledore's hair became Hermes and Aleppo killed the pig like a frog. Ie. It never sets us free. "It has to do with the structure of the house. Darley's people have never seen a handful of Harry Potter paintings or gray-like palaces. Harris watched the summer leave the audience. Marcus began to shout, 'I'm Harry Potter.' My son, you're interested! "


An AI generated this. An AI translated and re-translated this many times. A Human wrote this post.