Sunday, December 13, 2020

Snape's Research: XPs with AI

Turn out your pockets, Potter! Turn out your pockets, or we go straight to the headmaster! Pull them out, Potter! Indeed? And you’ve been carrying them around ever since? How very touching . . . and what is this? Spare bit of parchment. Surely you don’t need such a very old piece of parchment? Why don’t I just — throw this away? Is this another treasured gift from Mr. Weasley? Or is it — something else? A letter, perhaps, written in invisible ink? Or — instructions to get into Hogsmeade without passing the dementors? Or — that could mean — you — you — that you — your — the — you are Mr. Potter’s nephew? That’s certainly true... but the fact that you ’ve been carrying them around for years is telling us something that we’ve probably missed. We leave off doing any additional research, of course. There we are, with our new pair of robes and our new pair of mittens, and a few more hours of research. We did, of course , go through the most exhaustive collection of documentation I have ever had the pleasure to read, and I thank you for your time, for having this great opportunity to study with me, and for having such a great family! Thank you very much, and I will take this opportunity to thank my father and mother for their time, and for being so helpful and helpful in the research:

James Potter, born at Percy and Harriet, is the second-born of two brothers and a sister. The family name is one of the characters in the Harry Potter novels. James Potter is the eighth born, the eighth president, and the third son of the president of the United States and the second son of the fourth , James Potter, the second child of the president of France and the fourth child of the third amoeba that got developed in the Lake Great Munero as a result of Eutrophication.


Generated by an AI with some human help. The bold Or is from where the AI has begun generation.

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