Monday, January 25, 2021

The Two Goats: XPs with AI

I helped a Neural Network generate a fable, which appears to have no moral hidden in it.


Once upon a time, there lived a very holy man in the middle of the forest. He was determined to make someone sit next to his house and even had gotten angrier about a little bowl not catching his words clearly. He broke loose and so did the bowl. After the incident, he came to inform the king of the annoying roosters, clearly lying, because there were no roosters in that place. Between him and the king, him was more obedient and intelligent. So, he demanded a pair of sweets made of fire and tears running down his donkey everywhere. Another day, a saint gifted him two large coins which could change into goats upon his orders. The next day, neighbors, jealous of the roosters incident, found about the coins, by eavesdropping. They took away, carefully, without being seen, the roosters they loved and the goats. 

The Two Goats

Maybe, even God existed in the village. If true, they lived with the God in that village. If not, he was going to eat the white sweets. The two young goats, who were very shocked, when someone had happily agreed to their point, screamed in front of a butterfly, "Why? Why?" The first goat couldn't have said anything else.

"How? How?" howled the other.

The butterfly, who was obviously mad for being screamed at, joined as well, "What? What?"

The monkey who was going to collapse soon, the same monkey who had happily agreed to the goats, yelled, "Who? Who? " and fainted. Someone, who saw all of this happening, couldn't feel more ashamed, all because of a collapsing monkey. That someone was none other than the king himself, who was the king of a kingdom. He rushed very quickly to get married to a small garbage bin and put the collapsed monkey inside.


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