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Exceptional Poems for Exceptional Kids, in short to be referred as EPFEK, is my debut book. It is a collection of 10 original Sciency Poems, written by me, for people of all ages, especially Teens and Pre-Teens, to spark interest in Science. Available as an E-Book only. Dead Trees edition won't come because someone has to SAVE TREES. When you have got your copy of the book, make sure you read the "Author's Message" page.

Follow the updates regarding the book here!

Sample Preview/Demo

The book now available for order. Get your copy here(the Official Order Page for EPFEK).

Please note that official updates regarding my book(s) would be available through either of these:

Cheers and Have Fun!

It's a Juvenile Nonfiction. (For those who are interested to know the category under which the book falls. Also a reference for my future self.)

--Samhita Joshi


SJ from 4 April 2021, here to notify that I have written another book, my first novel, titled "Jerry Hotter and the Adventures at Fishmarts".

Get it on:

And click here to get a list of all my books (and their order links).

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